The Food


Yummy-FoodLongBanner-1When it comes to taste, Chef Sean does not hold back. At the cafeteria, people have often commented that the food that he produces is better than a lot of restaurants.

From the crack of dawn, Chef Sean is busy in the kitchen preparing fresh homemade soups and daily specials that keeps the clientele coming back for more.

It is highly important that Silver Platter Catering Ltd’ s consistency and taste is up to its high standards. Alongside, we have an amazing team to help out; including Teeny, his wife who is affectionately named as “Mini Chef”.

For Catering, the philosophy is to to keep it tightly knit, so it would no be surprising that both Chef Sean and “Mini Chef” will be preparing delicious dishes.

The Main reason why Silver Platter Catering Ltd does not post its menus, is because there is simply NO limit to what this little family-run company can prepare.

Silver Platter Catering Ltd. celebrates world cuisine and completely customizes its menu according to what the request it. Simply contact TEENY either via e-mail or call – so she could send you some menu ideas.

We DO corporate luncheons to weddings – ANYTHING that requires our service. One thing is that consistent with the food: AMAZING Taste!